okay, so like, i’m gonna do something about my shitty theme and try to get this blog a-rolling again. seriously. elsa is so ignored. my poor little snowflake.




{ ✹ } “Elsa, please, building snowmen is for like four year olds,” Anna said slowly, rolling her eyes as if the thought were simply ridiculous. 

       And then she leaped to Elsa, clutching her arm and bobbing excitedly.


      “Just kidding! Of course I want to build a snowman!”

     The ice-queen’s lips stretched into a smile as she giggled, Anna’s excitement rubbing off on her. It had been so long since the two could simple be together and goof off like sisters; Elsa had nearly forgotten how much she enjoyed it, how much she missed it.

          Good! I’ve been meaning to give Olaf another snowman to play with for a while, and you’re just the person to help me do it.

          { } —     ¢ση¢єαℓ

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                                 ∂ση’т ℓєт ιт ѕнσω

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Friendly PSA from Your Local Cat 

From this point on I am no longer doing greeting starters. I find them tedious, and frankly they get boring rather fast. HOWEVER, since this is a side-blog, if you are followed by “catodactyl” that means I have followed you back which means I am totally up for RPing with you!

Never be afraid to message me for an RP or starter, and my skype is available upon request if you find plotting via Tumblr is inconvenient (especially due to the ask limit and Tumblr’s tendency to eat message, whether it’s messaging or fanmail). 

This is as been a friendly PSA from your local Cat. (^・ω・^ )


          Did you want to build a snowman?

         Aw, it’s raining again—…

Chocolate Caramel Cookies x ~ recipe by topwithcinnamon